Top 5 Summer Treks in India – 2017

Suns out, Guns out ! Check out our handpicked treks for the Summer. These treks have been shortlisted keeping in mind the three most important factors and off course the overall experience of the trek.

 1. Time Duration 2. Comfort / Difficulty level 3. Pricing.

These treks are designed to suit everyones physical and mental condition. We suggest these treks for the beginner and the experienced alike.  Lets take a look at the must do Summer Treks in India for 2017.

Lets Trek !

Binsar Trek – Uttarakhand, 2 days

Its the perfect summer weekend trek.  One can access the Binsar trek over the weekend and get back to their urban life just in time for work on a Monday. Well how you handle the blues is upto you 🙂

The max altitude of this trek is 8000 feet with a trekking distance of 22 Kms.The entire trek is covered in two days and is easy on the pocket too. It is a good experience for first timers since the trek is relaxed and one need not rush through it.  Oaks, rhododendrons and cedars among others will keep you company and one can camp amidst the thick deodars.

At 2500 metres the binsar wildlife sanctuary is home to barking deer, himalayan black bear, leopard, serow, sambhar and a few other  rare species. If you are lucky you catch a glimpse. Nandadevi, Trishul, Nandaghunti, Panchachuli massif and the entire Kumaon Himalayas range will reveal themselves if the weather is clear. The locals are friendly and welcoming.

So look no further, take the leap!

Bhrigu Lake Trek-Himachal, 4 days

Nestled at an altitude of 14,000 ft the Bhrigu Lake Trek offers fascinating natural vistas and breathtaking views of snow clad mountains, lush meadows and rich forests.First time Climbers  with competent physical fitness can enjoy hiking to the exclusive lake region even without previous hiking experience.

The total trekking distance is 26 kms and the maximum altitude is 14,000 ft. The trek is compliant with first timers and experienced climbers alike offering each of them a perspective of its own. Views of Seven Sister Peaks or Deo Tibba and Hanuman Tibba, the outstretched Pir Panjal ranges. For the tree lover  the rich line of oak and cedar forests, fascinating green lush meadows, enthralling carpeted alpine flooring or the gushing streams along the meandering trails, the scenic vistas of the region is absolutely captivating and makes for a memorable trekking experience.

Its a KISS – Keep it short and sweet trek with 4 days of absolute heaven.

Goechala Trek-Sikkim, 11 Days

The best time to hit this gorgeous trek is between April – June or later than September till October. Reasons to love this trek are endless. At 16,200 feet covering a total distance of 90 Km, in a duration of 11 days, the Goechala Trek falls into the category of moderate to difficult.

For a trekker the  journey is adventurous as they navigate steep trails, bask in the beauty of nature and come to know more of Sikkim, the land of serene beauty. Goeachala has earned its reputation as one of the best treks in India. The trek is the sight of fascinating and mesmerizing snow covered peaks of Kanchenjunga – the third highest peak in the world with amazing green landscapes and lush meadows at the foothills. The magnificent beauty of the third highest peak of the world is so arresting that one can spend hours eyeing its aura. No wonder trekkers keep coming back to this place for the pure love of adventure.

Need we say more…Get that gear and be own your way!

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek- J&K, 8 Days

Covering a total distance of 72 kilometres over a course of 8 days with a maximum elevation of 13,750 feet, The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek in the Kashmir Valley is one of the most sought after trekking destinations.

This is a favourable trek especially for first time trekkers since most of the route comprises of mountain walking, hence the difficulty level is moderate.Any person above 14 years of age is eligible to participate in the hiking though the maximum age is depended on the fitness level of the individual. Although the trekking trail crosses through meadows and passes there are some steep ascents and sharp descents which makes it challenging for the inexperienced trekkers. Though this trek is ideal for monsoons, summer presents a wonderful panorama as well.

True to its name  the trekking route passes through several waterways like Gadsar, Kishansar, Vishnasar, Satsar, Gangabal, Nundkol Lakes along with some unknown smaller lakes.Myriad collection of wild flora with backdrop of stunning peaks and fresh water lakes makes this trek a nature lovers delight. 

Har-Ki-Dhoon Trek , Uttarakhand-7 days

This one is straight out of a picture postcard.  Snow clad high mountains, silent  rivers, rich flora and fauna, dark forests, deep valleys and narrow paths make up this trek.

Testing your  tenacity  for 77 Kms at a max altitude of 11,675 feet across 7 days, situated at the base of Fatheh Parvat, Har ki Doon is the most visited trail for experiencing the true mountain adventure. The route is a

This place is must visit for its natural exquisiteness.

So that brings us to the end or should i say beginning of a wonderful adventure!

We have some more amazing trekking surprises in store for you, so if you are looking for some exclusive experiences do write to us.  As always please leave your feedback, comments. Our email id is


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