Holi-In the Company of Lord Krishna- The Authentic Way!

One evening before Holi of 2017 we were hanging out over some chai , Holi was around the corner and like every year the same festive routine would follow which quite frankly was damp and meaningless. Induced with the thought of celebrating this Holi differently , we chartered the Delhi-Vrindavan-Delhi route. We decided everything would be bare necessities, minimalist means of existence on and off the road.

Enroute Sarai Kale Khan Bus Terminal

So began our journey to Vrindavan, the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood, his birth place Mathura was only 11 kms away.

Once at the bus station we lost no time in finding a Ordinary Govt Bus, paid Rs.80/- per head to cover a distance of approx 200 kms to Vrindavan. It took the bus 5 hours to drop us off on a dusty highway junction. From here we took a sharing auto, paid 20 bucks per head to be dropped off into the city. So total spend to reach the city of Vrindavan was Rs.300/-.

Avishek at a quick stop enroute Vrindavan

We started looking for places of stay which took us through various streets, Isckon was our first stop for stay but we were booted out by the 1 km long line of Bhakths waiting to get in. Homestays , hostels were full . Finally we were offered accommodation by a Rickshaw driver at his house, which we realised wouldn’t suit our timetable and primarily would cause disturbance to his family. After searching for 3 hours we found a place at Rs 800/- for 3 occupants, though we were looking at something cheaper we couldn’t find it or fit in.

Bugga chilling at the hotel room

Now that we were settled , we set out to explore the night life. We found a Chowk (intersection of roads ) which was made up of various chaiwalas , panwalas and rickshawalas. The town was high on festive fervor and Prasad! Now we were a part of this energy.

Chowk time at Vrindavan

Towards dawn, came the Holi morning . A sea of people from different parts of the world were a part of this celebration, we played the Lathmar Holi , during the wee hours and finally sobered down to playing the normal Holi towards the end.

After experiencing ‘The Vrindavan Holi’, it was time to return, we packed our bags , had breakfast along the way and headed off to the bus station only to find that buses wouldn’t ply on the Holi and the next day. Mathura Railway station was the only option left. Spent 100 rupees on the auto to reach the station. We purchased general quota tickets for our journey back to Delhi and paid approx Rs. 90/- per head for the general ticket. Total  spend for our return journey – Rs 370/-.

The train diary!

So there you go that was the most inexpensive 2 day trip. Our total expense was a bit less than Rupees 2800–3000/- for 3 travelers .

It was a lot of fun and one of the best trips we had been on.

Memorable experiences don’t necessarily require a stash of cash! Creativity is all that matters.


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