Travel Learn Earn-Your Weapon of Choice

Back in the day around 1930 in South Carolina US, being a stewardess made you sort of an icon or a rockstar, everyone around was curious and fascinated by what you do. And why not, being a flight stewardess gave the freedom as well as a vibrant lifestyle to those who liked to live it. Such a flourish of sentiment has not been seen or felt until we discovered travel which is a wonderful ability to simply live more everyday.

More and most of us each day are probing for choices which could enable us not only to travel but also sustain ourselves while at it.Travel, Learn and Earn is a superb concept of discovering one-self, one’s true abilities and exercising the necessary restraint while living the experience of a life time.

What we aim to share here are some realistic insights on jobs on the go and how do you recognize and harness your unpaid for skills to the best of your abilities.

Volunteer Travelling

This format of work and travel gives you a closer perspective of people, regions and different cultures. As a volunteer you might be required to assist with the rehabilitation or perhaps serve in a hospital attending to ailing individuals or teach a bunch of children the first alphabets of their life. There are a number of organizations, domestic and international, who facilitate a number of programs/projects around the globe and have a diligent process in place before you become a part of the program. Follow these links to get an overview of the specifics-

The Internet

This is one space which presents infinite opportunities to earn while on the go. There are a number of globally required skills, some of them basic, which can help you make a quick buck where ever you are. Blogging, Web-Designing, Content Design, Animation, Graphics design and so on… We have access to Online platforms whose function is to connect such skills to people who are in need of them. Fivver  and Odesk are two such sites that have earned a repute.To add if you manage to skill yourself with web based design and development courses (many can be pursued online for free), Course era helps you to get acquainted with platforms like WordPress.

Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports like paragliding, bungee jumping, sky diving, snorkeling, scuba diving and so on – finds its seekers almost anywhere in the world. If you possessed any one of these skills you could use them from Asia across the Pacific and Africa. There are a number of programs for acquiring these skills and you will be surprised at the ease at which you can access some of these life changing skills. You can write to us at  for any information on adventure sports training programs.


Let’s face it- English is the World’s most popular language and acts as a bridge in bringing closer, linguistically different but fundamentally strong ideas. Basic reading and writing of international languages like English is necessity in countries like China ,Vietnam, Thailand. It’s a great way of experiencing the culture first hand. To follow a list of opportunities follow 

You may be interested in learning Spanish, Chinese or even Sanskrit (this may take a while though).

Baby Sitting-Au Pair

Yes – being a Nanny or Baby Sitting is a global opportunity. If you have the interest and a caring attitude, this is your pick. From Europe to China, nannies are in demand. In exchange for your sensitive side and a commitment period you could earn a decent wage while living the culture and exploring the place you are in. Follow the link to explore opportunities.

How to LinkUp

Below are a few such organisations who facilitate these programs across the globe. Follow the resources below to understand about the programs available. You will have all the work related information and the kind of reimbursement to expect.

1. WWOOF – Willing Workers on Organic FarmsLearn while people farm on other’s lands to, primarily, encourage best practices, understand geology / soil / crop patterns and fulfill passion for environment. All you know, you could become one traveling farmer.-

2.  Specifically for Australia and New Zealand, though they have programs at other international locations as well. This organization works towards conserving the environment through promotion of ecotourism. They are available at

3. AIESEC -World’s largest Youth Run Organization, has presence in about 113 countries. As a student you can travel to these countries and earn meaningful internships that add value to your professional career too. Follow the link  

4. Foundation for Sustainable Development – With current presence in 6 countries (Nicaragua, Argentina, Bolivia, Uganda, Kenya and India), this organization may be of interest to those who are looking to travel to these places and add value by contributing to a social cause. Primarily, cultural exchange programs help to explore business opportunities for sustainable development in affected areas. Find them here:

Our Takeaway – There are a number of organizations, individuals out there who need you to join them in serving and nourishing the nature/humans alike. If this sounds right to your soul, What Are You Waiting For!!!

Inspiration is contagious, we encourage to share any such stories that you might have experienced during your travels. We will be happy to share them and inspire a few more.

As always we welcome your thoughts, suggestions on the subject and look forward to your feedback.


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